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“To All The Melanated Children Around the World. This book was not just written as a children’s book, but created to be a tool used as a curriculum for early childhood development. This book will be released to 39,000 book outlets around the World on February 1st!”


~ Charles 3X Alexander



Imagine going on a journey to speak with an extraordinary person from long ago. We Are Our Ancestors’ Keepers traces the steps of African American pioneers who have paved the pathway for society to reach inconceivable and unimaginable potentials.



This book will educate, engage, encourage, and empower the lives of every reader holistically by showing how people overcame many obstacles to achieve success for all of mankind. Come follow their exceptional voyage from Africa to the United States of America.

Timing is everything; time is powerful!  At a critical time in our World today, specifically in the United States, where there is a magnitude of chaos and uproar over our humanity and rights, we are rewriting our history and forever honoring our ancestors with it.  This book is the living legacy of our ancestors.  We are the gatekeepers for the Black children that are born into a world of confusion and disarray.


The sole purpose of this book is to correct the shambles left behind by those who hid in the shadows and controlled the many stifled voices with the power of money and greed.  It allows Black people the opportunity to bridge the gap of the continents due to the African Diaspora.  See, Black people are one; whether you are of Latin descent, Caribbean, or Native, your duty is to carry on the torch.  As our Legacies are watched over by our Ancestors, their stories will forever live on as they pierce the ears of our Black youth with hope, unity and the realization of our higher selves, which is nothing shorter or greater than Black excellence.

“Out of all the children’s book we have published, we have never had a book like this before.”

~ Nations Largest African American Self-Help Books

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PHONE : 619.601.1903