In an effort to honor and continue the legacies of extraordinary African-American predecessors, Elite 8 Corporation is pleased to announce the We Are Our Ancestors’ Keepers “$1 Million Dollar Giveaway Essay Contest” for elementary, middle, and high school students. This is an opportunity for students to showcase their understanding of the invaluable contributions of African-Americans and how they have made a positive difference in the world for humanity. It is our goal to educate, engage, and empower our youth about the significance of the pathways African-American pioneers have paved for them in spite of the many obstacles and hostility they confronted. Additionally, it is our objective to encourage excellence in writing.


 Contest Purpose


The sole purpose of this essay contest is to assess the Black Community on a world level from the eyes of our children.  We Are Our Ancestors’ Keepers puts the children in the shoes of the ancestors mentally, but the essay lets the world know what they would do as an ancestor for their family and community with the $100K based on where they reside!


Contest Instructions


1) Purchase 1 of 10 products from the online store and receive product confirmation

Once you have purchased 1 of the 10 eligible items and written the essay follow the steps below:


2) Write a 500 words or less ancestor essay and qualify to win $100K.


3) Email the essay along with a photo of you holding 1 of the 10 eligible items to


4) Follow We Are Our Ancestors Keepers on social media i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


5) Upload the photo of you, holding the eligible purchased item and hashtag #Ancestors1MGiveaway and tag one of the social media pages




Online Store Purchase Instructions


Select ! item from over 10 different products available for you to purchase:


1) hardback book

2) paperback book

3) e-book

4) notebook

5) poster

6) t-shirt

7) male clothing item

8) female clothing item

9) coffee mug

10) pillow


Essay Instructions


In 500 words or less, which ancestor do you see yourself becoming a reflection of and why?  If you were to win $100K for your family and community, how would you as the ancestor of your choice use the money to improve your family's and community's current situation?


Essay Submission Instruction

We will only take emailed essays! Please e-mail your essay



Contest Winners


A million dollars will be divided among 10 families and each family will receive $100K.


Contest End date

The contest will end October 1, 2018



The all questions please contact us on our social media or e-mail us @